28 January 2011

J for Jogja

" All i have it just a picture on the frame " 
~ Long distance is killing me - Bruno Mars

d day i've to go


@ airport

ready to leave, makassar

then, we meet up again (@ jakarta)

late lunch @ platinum

d' AL beefsteak *love

dumb face

gak mw kalah, AE chickensteak *lol

aaaaaaaaand JOGJAAAAAAAA

nasi kuning jumbo -_-


nyongsoy : monyong asoyyy


serius face

girang banget mas ?

@ taman pintar

water nyembur

bookstore @ kompleks taman pintar

@ oyot bodong, mirota batik

top view

Tugu Jogja

him w/ d lowlight


pose @ gowongan kidul st.

angkringan Kopi Joss

our fav place for having a late dinner

his nasi kucing

d menu

jogja w/ pedicap

pose w/ d 'mas" tukang becak muka gak kliatan'

ansor's silver

cute ring with his initial 'H'

Prambanan temple

here we go for -_-

hot, isn't it ?


like, i wnt to eat u, Sir ??? -_-

one of d statue



this is called, d Capeks !

look a like ?

yes, he is ! LOL


this is our BIG BIG LOVE

ini cuma bagian kecil yang bisa diabadikan,
dari semua hal yang jauh lebih kita ingat
 thanks for the lovely trip ever
love you boyyyy :)

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