Welcome to My Blog 

I am Leila Fitriyani, live in Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia. 

I share about lifestyle and my personal experiences in many subject. 

I'm actually not a digital savvy but i'm in love with digital media, since dagelan[dot]com, friendster/myspace, till this-so-many-phone apps era i try to kept myself updated. Learn how this complicated yet innovative things grow and ease yourself in many aspects, i become more and more interested about it.

Technology nowadays is about caring and sharing. What other people share in digital media is what you enjoy every single time in your lifes, and Vise versa

I love sharing so i do blogging, because Blogging is one of a kind


Wanna ask me something or for business inquiry
Kindly email me : leila.fitriyani@gmail.com

Cheers :')

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