30 August 2012

OFFICIALLY MOVED TO www[dot]rapunzella[dot]com

well hello ppl..

i wanna tell you, that im no longer use "ellawahab.blogspot.com" now

i've changed my domain into www.rapunzella.com couple days ago
so if there's any of you wanna linking my blog to your site blog/personal web, please kindly put "www.rapunzella.com" on your list ;')
and for those who already linked me in, please kindly change ellawahab.blogspot.com with the new one yahhh

thank you you you..^^

and i'll tell y'all the story of why? i picked www.rapunzella.com as my domain later yoo,
cuz now i wanna thank you all again..
how i love this emptyyy blog, hihi.. and do some blogwalking to all of your site, it just so lovely
so........., thank you

welcoming me & rapunzel, we unite as rapunzella *alay detected* =.=

*pict source from google and wikipedia

thanks for reading *group hug*

Cheers :')

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